RS21 Class Yamamay Cup ACT3 at Riva del Garda

This past weekend, we returned to the sailing Mecca, Riva del Garda, for the RS21 Class Yamamay Cup ACT3. We experienced a couple of days of great racing and challenging weather conditions, but overall, the event has been amazing. We used RaceSense as the official call for the start line, and it provided numerous benefits to both the sailors and the Race Committee.

We are not here to sing RaceSense's praises, but to share phenomenal feedback we received from AdessoVela, which participated in the event:

"We don't usually give compliments; we're a group of seasoned sailors who enjoy discussing sailing, pointing out what doesn't go well in races or what needs improvement.

At the RS21 event in Riva del Garda, during the skipper meeting, they explained how this small device, VAKAROS, could solve most problems during races: starting line accuracy, timing, who's in and who's out...

Many skeptics, including myself, asked for further explanations and expressed and doubted about the GPS signal among the mountains, the distance between existing onboard instruments, astronomical alignments, auroras, and so on.

We went out on the water (lake) and, still not satisfied with the reassurances, we started pinging and re-pinging the pin and committee boat (which were also equipped with the Vakaros device). Suddenly, the countdown appeared...

The line was perfect, the distance from the line... perfect, we started... Green signal on the device... we're in! Two boats returned to the line; the device changed from red to green... they could head up and restart!

Damn! It really works! No general recall, no misunderstandings: if it's RED, YOU'RE OUT (as Briatore says).

Well done! We remember the deputy starters who run out of line to release, the ones who 'go on autopilot' (whatever that means...), the ones who get unanchored, the committee communications, the dead radios, the dead pinging devices, being two seconds late...


We are honored by this feedback and can't wait to meet this incredible class again.