Sailing instrumentation was stuck in the past. We changed that.

At Vakaros we combined the best sensors on the market with an eye-catching display to revolutionize the on-water-instrument experience. The Atlas 2 is the choice of World Champions, professional sailors, and Olympians worldwide. Join them, today.

Sensors and Sensor Accessories - Vakaros

Equip your Atlas 2 with the latest and greatest in sensors. Integrate... 

  • Start First. Extend.

    Pair the most accurate GPS on the water with a beautiful, intuitive interface, and get off the start line better than ever. Trust out Time-To-Line calculation to get you there on-time.

  • See the Difference

    The Atlas 2 has a best-in-class display, even through your polarized sunglasses. The A2 also offers a red backlight and a hydrophobic, fingerprint-repellant coating so your data is always in view.

  • Never Miss a Shift

    No other device keeps you as oriented to the course and what is happening around you. Atlas 2's advanced shift tracking keeps you on the lifted tack and the headed gybe.