RaceSense builds on the powerful hardware inside every Atlas 2 to change the way sailors race. It can instantly create a race for you and your friends on a virtual course that requires zero setup, or augment race committee to help run a world championship regatta. Say goodbye to general recalls and black flag starts thanks to centimeter-accurate, fully automatic OCS calls at the start line. Optional boundaries and penalties help keep boats close, and scoring is built right in, so you'll know how you did the moment you cross the finish line. All this, coming soon to a racecourse near you.

A new way to race.

Get ready for an unmatched experience at your next regatta, or race any time with just a touch of a button. RaceSense is a powerful, patent-pending technology that creates a virtual racecourse and shares it wirelessly with other nearby sailors. It runs the start, enforces penalties, boundaries, gates, and scores the finish.

Whether you're racing with 3 boats or 100, RaceSense makes racing easier, fairer, and more fun.

Starting, the way it should be.

At the start, RaceSense combines state-of-the-art technology with good old-fashioned sailing. Depending on the RaceSense mode you are in, you can see and hear the boats around you on the water—and live on the Atlas 2 display as well. The position of the line is transmitted automatically: pinging is a thing of the past.

Count down the time and distance. Nail the start, and you’re in control. Miss it, and RaceSense can automatically call you OCS and enforce a time/distance penalty. You’re not out of the game, but you’ve got work to do!

Penalties built in

Not only is the racing high-tech, so is penalty enforcement. When penalties are enabled in RaceSense, the Atlas 2 calculates the penalty automatically and has the offending boat slow down until it is cleared.

When racing with course boundaries, the Atlas 2 will give you plenty of warning as you approach the boundary. If you cross the line and the lights go red—clear your penalty before continuing the race!

Finish and Share

With RaceSense, no one has to sight down the line and try to call a tight finish. The highly accurate L1+L5 GNSS in the Atlas 2 calculates the precise moment each boat crosses the line, and RaceSense scores them automatically.

You’ll know exactly how you did the moment you finish, thanks to a live results page that updates automatically as everyone else is scored behind you.

Live tracking? Naturally.

RaceSense delivers a game changing experience for sailors, event organizers, classes, and spectators. It can reduce the number of volunteers needed to run an event, allowing more people to participate. Start an instant race any time the conditions are right. Run an America’s Cup level regatta at your local sailing club, and enable live spectating, from shore or halfway around the world.

RaceSense is the future of racing.

Get involved with the future of racing.

We’re incredibly excited about the future of sailing and racing with RaceSense. We designed the Atlas 2 from the ground up to support it. From the state-of-the-art sensors, LEDs and sound, to the long range wireless mesh networking, the future of racing is here.

Be the first to try RaceSense by ordering an Atlas 2 today. If you want to sail in a regatta powered by RaceSense, get in touch with your event organizers or PROs and let them know. We’ll be partnering with select events in 2022, and we’d love to hear from them.