A Vakaros Data Debrief Demystified

Sailing is a sport built on precision, strategy, and constant improvement. With the advent of advanced technology, sailors now have the opportunity to delve deeper into their performance, understand their boundaries, and refine their strategies for future races or training sessions. In this blog post, we'll explore how a Vakaros data debrief unfolds, providing sailors with valuable insights derived from the Atlas 2's log data and various sensor inputs.

The process begins with the Atlas 2, diligently recording log data throughout an entire day of sailing. This data can be logged at different frequencies, either 2, 5, or 10 Hertz, capturing all the details of the sailing session. In addition to log data, the device also can record sensor data from Cyclops, load cells, transducers, and wind sensors, creating a comprehensive dataset.

Once the sailing session concludes, sailors export the logged data using the Vakaros Connect app. This user-friendly application simplifies the process of transferring data from the device to an analytics platform, setting the stage for in-depth analysis.

Vakaros collaborates with leading analytics partners, including SailViewer, Charted Sails, and SailNjord, each of which offers unique features for data interpretation. The exported data is uploaded to these platforms, where the magic of analysis unfolds.

With the data now on the analytics platform, the team can study them in detail.    They get to see all the specifics: trends related to shifts, boat handling, heel, trim angle, speed, and headings, seeking patterns that can “tell the story” of the sailing day. This meticulous examination lays the groundwork for valuable insights.

The identified trends and patterns are then applied to the specific racing or training session. The analysis considers the performance of the entire fleet, highlighting instances where sailors excelled and areas where improvement is possible. This step provides a holistic view of the day's events.

The debrief aims to correlate individual performances with the observed trends. Sailors who performed well are analyzed for the reasons behind their success, while those who faced challenges receive insights into potential shortcomings. This correlation enhances the learning experience and provides actionable insights for future endeavors.