Atlas 2 LED Overview

June 20, 2022

Now that the the Atlas 2 is shipping, we’d thought we would give a quick overview on how the Atlas 2 LEDs work while sailing. As you probably know, the LED array is one of several brand new features on the Atlas 2 that we’re really excited about. It adds a ton of capability, and we keep thinking of more uses for them.

Like most things on the Atlas, the LEDs are configured via the Vakaros Connect app. Each page of the UI on the Atlas 2 has a set of associated settings, and now one of these settings is the ability to configure the function of the LEDs for that page.

Here’s what it looks like in Connect via Settings in Display Layout:

You can see there are currently 6 LED options. This will grow over time, and can also depend on what sensors are connected to the Atlas 2. The list is different for non-start pages, as the starting related LEDs can only appear on start pages. Once you select an option, you get a description, an animated demo, and any specific options that are available. On the Heel Angle (HA) option, you can set the min and max heel extent, allowing you to tailor this to your exact needs. 

Once saved, each page can have its own LED settings. The one we just configured looks like this in action: