Call OCS Automatically: RaceSense

written by: Douglas Wake - Jan 10, 2023

You've seen it in grand prix levels of sailing. Now, OCS detection is available for every sailor. We tested RaceSense this weekend in Miami with the M32 class and the results were astounding. RaceSense builds on the powerful hardware inside the Atlas 2 to improve the quality of racing for sailors and event organizers alike. Equipped with dual-band L1+L5 GPS capable of 50cm accuracy, the Atlas 2 is the only device on the market capable of the performance required for RaceSense.

But, don't just listen to us. Listen to the champion sailors who were using RaceSense for the first time: 

"I think the accuracy that RaceSense is providing is going to allow us to push that limit even just a little bit more without having to worry about mistakes or risk made by a human"

- Taylor Canfield, M32 World Champion

"So far we’re thrilled with the system because we don’t have to ping. Pinging in these boats requires a lot of energy because pulling the sheets and the traveler are a big job. It’s so nice to be able to relax and also know that your pings are accurate"

- Victor Diaz de Leon

No more pinging, no more starting your timer, everything is automatic. The timer is started by RC and synced to GPS time. Ever miss a start because the committee boat moved during the sequence? With RaceSense, line information is updated live for the entire fleet. Just remember--you can't hide from RaceSense, so if you're over early, an OCS call won't be far behind.

OCS boats are notified immediately with red lights and "OCS", pictured above. If you're clear the bright LEDs display green.

If you race in a class that doesn't allow distance to line, pinging, or other features, the Atlas 2 can be locked down into a class compliant mode and still call OCS even while restricting the ability to view widgets such as speed, DTL, VMG, etc...

Learn more about the technical details here:

Call the start from Race Control

This is all accomplished through a localized network formed by the Atlas 2 instruments. RaceSense does not depend on cellular networks, which can often be unreliable on the water. Onboard RC, the status of each boat is displayed on a tablet running the Race Control app. This localizes the start sequence and allows the PRO to keep close tabs on racing without needing x-ray vision.

Booking Events Now

Our 2023 RaceSense calendar is filling. If you want to inquire about running RaceSense at your event this year, reach out to us at and we will schedule a meeting.