Game-Changer Alert: Vakaros Partners with the Melges 15 Class for Epic 2024 Winter Series

Vakaros is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Melges Performance Sailboats, bringing the future of on-water management, the RaceSense technology to the 2024 Melges 15 Winter Series in Jensen Beach, FL. 

Introduced by Vakaros in 2021, RaceSense stands out as a game-changing technology, redefining the parameters of precision in race management. This innovative tool boasts the capability to call the start with centimeter accuracy, effectively putting an end to the challenges associated with general recalls, black flag starts, and protests. Beyond this, RaceSense can enforce boundaries, manage scoring seamlessly, and even provide a live leaderboard during the racing action. It is effectively an aid to race officers, so that everyone's work is carried out more smoothly and to ensure fairness for the racers. 

With 70 Melges 15 teams eagerly gearing up for the series, the upcoming Winter Series, scheduled on January 6-7, 2024, at the US Sailing Center of Martin County, 

promises an amazing regatta experience for all participants. The series is designed to uphold the core principle that fun - both on and off the water - is a top priority. Eddie Cox, from Melges Performance Sailboats, emphasizes this, stating, “When attending an event, the focus should be on racing rather than dealing with multiple general recalls or excessive downtime between races. By incorporating RaceSense, we’ll optimize our time on the water with competitive races, which will give us more time for a great party and keep things fun for everyone.”

Teams participating in the Melges 15 Winter Series who do not already have Vakaros units will be provided with demo units for the three-event series and the Vakaros team will be present on-site throughout the series, running debrief sessions utilizing data from the Atlas's data logging, offering valuable insights to the participating teams.

Moreover, as part of this collaboration, Vakaros will host an educational webinar after 

the Midwinter Championship in March. This webinar will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the technology and its application, further enhancing the racing experience for all involved.

Will Huerth, Sales Director at Vakaros, shared his perspective, and added, “I've been sailing in this class since its inception, and I am thrilled to bring RaceSense to the 2024 Winter Series in Florida. The Melges 15 is a fun and fast boat, and we believe that 

RaceSense has the power to help elevate the class's racing into the future. More racing, more fair, more fun. That's what this partnership is all about.”

With this collaboration, Vakaros and Melges Performance Sailboats are set to usher in a new era of precision, fairness, and sheer excitement in the world of sailing, promising participants an unforgettable experience at the 2024 Melges 15 Winter Series.