How Vakaros Redefined Sailing Instruments with the Atlas Series



When we started Vakaros, we set out to build nothing less than the ultimate sailing instrument. At the time, the bar was so low that this wasn’t much of a challenge. Existing instruments were limited to just a few basic functions, and they often struggled to even do those well. Want GPS speed and a compass? Go buy two completely separate products. Need to read your display while wearing polarized sunglasses? Easy, just twist your head to an uncomfortable angle and squint. Want to download your data? Go get your laptop, and a cable… 

We raised the bar with the Atlas 1, combining the core sailing functions of a magnetic compass, heel and trim measurement, GPS speed, distance to line, data logging and more into a single instrument: one that you could read comfortably while wearing sunglasses, that lasted for 75 hours on a single charge, and that you could easily customize with your phone. It set a new standard for instrumentation, and quickly won fans around the sailing community.

The Atlas 2 represented another major step forward, with an industry-first dual band GNSS receiver, providing unprecedented accuracy, an innovative LED array, a more accurate compass, and an incredible 100+ hour battery life. These features make it the only instrument capable of running our game-changing RaceSense system, which is redefining how sailors go racing by bringing America’s Cup technology to every regatta. 

As amazing as the Atlas 2 is, we’ve long felt that we were leaving dinghy sailors, kiteboarders, and wing foilers behind. Racing under different, more restrictive class rules, on boats and boards where through hull transducers and night racing aren’t practical, and working with smaller budgets meant that the needs of these sailors are different. Over the years, we’ve heard from many of these sailors, seeking something better than a basic compass with a 20 year old design, and asking us if we had anything suited to their needs. These calls have only grown louder since the introduction of RaceSense. For a long time, we’ve had to tell them, no, sorry, not yet. But not anymore. The Atlas Edge is here, and it’s designed for you.

Our goal with the Atlas Edge was to create an instrument that’s focused on the needs of small boat sailors, kiteboarders, and wing foilers. The Edge is based on the Atlas 2 and carries the same core sensors, delivering all of the performance sailors have come to expect. Measure speed, heel, trim, compass heading and VMG, all with a single instrument. Boarding specific features for measuring jump height, acceleration, and more are coming soon. It has the same incredible display, LED array, data logging and 100+ hour battery life. You can customize your device from Vakaros Connect, just like the Atlas 2. Most importantly, it fully supports RaceSense, enabling every class to upgrade to this incredible technology. 

What about class rules? We’ve always held the view that an instrument should adapt to the rules and culture of a class, not the other way around. Both the Atlas 2 and the Atlas Edge support our industry-leading class compliance system, which allows you to use your instrument in a class compliant profile, with only the features and capabilities permitted by your class rules enabled while racing. When training, sailing for fun, or on a different boat, you can use an unlocked profile to access the full capabilities of your instrument. Most importantly, your data log contains a permanent record of the profile in use on your instrument at any time, so you can always prove that you complied with the rules of your class if needed.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Atlas Edge. It defines a new era in performance instrumentation for smaller boats, and best of all, it’s an incredible value, priced at only $749/EUR 699. The Atlas Edge is in stock now, get yours today!