RaceSense Revolutionizes Big Fleet Racing at Melges 15 Winter Series

What a weekend it was in Jensen Beach, Florida for the first event of the 2024 Melges 15 Winter Series. We couldn’t be more stoked! With 91 boats hitting the water, this event showcased the power of the RaceSense technology by maximizing efficiency on the water. Here’s how:

Weather windows were often slim, and RaceSense allowed the Race Committee to squeeze in four races in raceable conditions.. We saved valuable hours on the water and also eliminated the frustration of countless general recalls. Sailors experienced a smoother and more streamlined racing process, allowing them to focus on their race, rather than recalls. Eddie Cox from Melges Performance Sailboats highlights:

“When 91 Melges 15s show up to go racing, you want to put on the best event possible. With some tight racing windows and an early cutoff on Sunday I would argue that RaceSense turned this from a two-race regatta to a four-race regatta. More racing is more fun, and that’s what we’re all here for”

The deployment of a midline boat and multi-segment starting line are traditionally used to ensure a fair start in a fleet this large: it’s typically impossible to call a 90+ boat line manually. With RaceSense at the helm, the Melges 15 fleet proved that innovation can redefine the norm. The event successfully ran without the need for a midline boat, highlighting the adaptability and precision that technology brings to the world of sailing.

RaceSense not only optimized the overall race management, but also played a crucial role in quick restarts. In a surprising turn of events during the last race, the eventual race winners found themselves over the line early (OCS). RaceSense notified them within a quarter-second of the start, and this team was able to restart quickly, win the race, and lock up second place overall.

Doug Wake, the event manager at Vakaros said: "to run RaceSense in a 91-boat fleet is incredible—we ran four races with no midline boat, exclusively using the P flag. This is a model for classes for the future." and his words reflect the potential of this innovative system to reshape how sailing events are organized and executed.

RaceSense has emerged as a game-changer in the sailing world, paving the way for a more efficient, dynamic, and exciting future in sailing and we can’t wait for that!