Sailing Paradise: Miami Hosts the M20 VxOne and Star Class Winter Series with RaceSense

As winter tightens its grip across the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time for sailors across the continent and around the world to gather in Miami, for some sweet winter racing. This incredible sailing venue will host the much-anticipated Melges 20, VxOne, and Star Winter Series.

Especially exciting this year, the Winter Series will add a touch of Vakaros to their menu as racing is set to be run with RaceSense, the future of on-water racing management. Miami has long been a sailing haven and when it comes to winter sailing, there's no place quite like it. The Melges, VxOne and Star Class for their Winter Series chose this tropical paradise for a reason and sailors know how finding ideal conditions in the Northern Hemisphere during winter is a challenge, but Miami effortlessly delivers on all fronts.

This year, things got particularly exciting with the announcement that both Melges, VxOne, and Star Class will incorporate RaceSense throughout their winter series. RaceSense, a cutting-edge tool designed to enhance fairness across fleets, has been met with enthusiasm from sailors and organizers alike.


The tool brings a new level of precision to sailing competitions. With real-time data analytics and insights, RaceSense ensures that all participants have equal opportunities, making the competition not just thrilling but fair. 


The first classes to hit the water this past weekend were the M20 and VXOne class and, needless to say, we had some pretty great conditions with a mix of lighter sea breeze and some stronger southerly, that spiced up the competition for both classes. With a total of x races run for the M20s and x races run for the VXOne we are wrapping up the first week here in Miami.

Up this week we will have the first week of the Star Class winter series, we can’t wait to fly south and do it all over again!