Seattle 2024 J/24 World Championship Announces Partnership with Vakaros

SEATTLE, WA – The Seattle 2024 J24 World Championships is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Vakaros, a leading provider of cutting-edge sailing
technology. This collaboration is set to bring a new level of innovation and performance to the 2024 J24 World Championships event, elevating the class's racing experience to new heights for its event in Seattle, WA starting September 28, 2024.

Vakaros, a company renowned for its state-of-the-art sailing instruments and technology solutions, has joined forces with the Seattle J24 Fleet to provide sailors with the tools they need to enhance their performance on the water. This partnership reflects the commitment of both organizations to pushing the boundaries of excellence in racing.

Vakaros's RaceSense technology is set to revolutionize the way J24 sailors approach racing. This state-of-the-art technology provides real-time, on-board data analysis, allowing sailors to make informed decisions during races. This data-driven approach promises to create a more inclusive and competitive racing environment for all J24 sailors, ultimately making the class even more appealing to newcomers and veterans alike.

“The Seattle J24 fleet, J70 fleet and Corinthian Yacht Club are very excited to
incorporate the “Vakaros RaceSense” starting system into our 2024 racing program, including the 2024 Beecher's Cheese J/24 World Championship. We have tested the system and see significant benefits for our racing participants and race managers. Clearly the technology is here to improve the starting process and racing in general: it is time to embrace it!” says Keith Whittemore, Seattle J24 Worlds Organizing Committee

"Vakaros is excited to be working with Corinthian Yacht Club and the Seattle J/24 and J/70 fleets to bring RaceSense to the entire 2024 season, as well as the 2024 Beecher's Cheese J/24 World Championship. We developed RaceSense with the goal of making racing more fair and more fun by bringing technology from the Grand Prix level to all sailors, and we're thrilled to see clubs, local fleets, and World Championships leading the way. We're looking forward to a great season and a fantastic Worlds!" commented Jake Keilman, Vakaros Co-founder

About the Seattle J24 World Championship

Registration is now open for the 2024 J/24 World Championship presented by
Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, to be sailed September 28-October 5. Framed by snow-capped mountains, Puget Sound promises to provide picturesque and challenging conditions for the competitors on the water while the famed Pacific Northwest willprovide plenty of activity off the water.

The host Seattle J/24 Fleet 26 has assembled an experienced and enthusiastic team that includes two-time world champion Keith Whittemore. Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, which is the veteran of many national and international championships over the decades, will be running races along with renowned Principal Race Officer Mark Foster.

There will also be on-the-water judges. Sailing conditions can vary from steady light
breezes to 35-knot blows, all punctuated by the region’s challenging currents.

In addition to the title sponsor Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, major sponsors include Bank of America, Investco, Diamond Parking, Slingshot Kiteboards and Cheap Diver.

About Vakaros

Vakaros develops advanced instrumentation for racing sailors, designed to help them enjoy their time on the water while learning and improving faster. Sailors around the world race with the Atlas 2, on boats ranging from ILCAs to Volvo 70s, taking advantage of the state-of-the-art sensors, data logging, starting features and more, all supported by a 100 hour battery life.

RaceSense creates a network of Atlas 2 instruments on the
water to deliver timer synchronization, highly accurate instantaneous OCS calls, automated finishing, zone entry lights and more. Inspired by the LiveLine system first developed for the 2013 America's Cup, RaceSense brings advanced technology and faster, more fair, more fun racing to everyone.

With over 100 successful events and counting, including multiple World Championships, RaceSense is rapidly winning fans and changing the way sailors race all over the world.