The first-ever Vakaros Day of Sail


We are excited to announce an event that promises to connect our global community: the inaugural Vakaros Day of Sail on June 28, 2024. Born from a desire to unite all our users under a shared passion for sailing, this day is an open invitation for every sailing enthusiast, from athletes to amateurs, to hit the waters.

On this special day, we encourage you to go with the flow, take your boat or board and sail. All you need to do is get in the water, enjoy your sail, and record your journey.

Understanding the challenges imposed by seasonal differences, we recognize that our friends in the Southern Hemisphere may find themselves in winter conditions. To ensure everyone can enjoy this experience in optimal sailing weather, plans are underway for a second Vakaros Day of Sail dedicated specifically for the Southern Hemisphere.

How to Participate:

  1. Launch your boat and start your session on your Atlas 2. If you don’t have an Atlas, use another GPS tracking option, from a phone to a watch or instrument!
  2. Record your sailing session. Take pics and videos!
  3. After you're back ashore, download your session, take a screenshot of the distance you sailed, and share it on your social media stories tagging us.

As a bonus, we're offering a prize for the sailor who clocks the most miles. This contest isn’t just about distance, it's about sharing in the joy of sailing, and perhaps, sparking a tiny bit of competition.

We can’t wait to see our community come together for the Vakaros Day of Sail. Get ready to set sail, have fun, and maybe even win a prize! Looking forward to seeing all of you on the water this June.