Top Tips to Prepare for Your Sailing Season from Vakaros


As we stand on the brink of another racing season in the Northern Hemisphere, it's crucial for every sailor,amateur or professional, to get prepped and ready for a fun year on the water. Preparing your gear for what’s ahead not only enhances performance but also ensures safety. Here’s our guide to get your racing season off to a great start, starting with prepping your instrument. Check out three top tips:

Update Your Firmware

Your racing instruments are always updating and growing. Firmware updates can enhance the functionality, improve the accuracy of readings, and fix any bugs from the previous versions. Keeping your equipment updated is crucial when it comes to competitive racing. Want to know how? Check out this instructional video:

Make Your Mount Count!

An instrument isn’t any good without a mount: make sure your instrument is mounted safely and with a proper tether. The mount and bracket hold your instruments securely in place, which is essential for accurate data logging and performance measurement. Need to upgrade? Check out our new collection of mounts:

Test The Waters

After updating your firmware and securing your instruments with the right brackets, it’s time to hit the track for some pre-season testing. This is your opportunity to ensure everything works harmoniously. Testing helps in identifying any potential issues that might have been overlooked during the off-season maintenance. Go sailing before you hit the start line for your first race!