Frequently Asked Questions

We get it. You want to know everything there is to know about the Atlas 2. We've put together a list of some of the most common questions (and answers!).

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Does the Atlas 2 work with external sensors?

We’re glad you asked! The Atlas 2 supports multiple 3rd party sensors, for speed-through-water, depth, and wind, with more sensors planned for the future. Check out some of the available options in the Vakaros Store!

Do you ship internationally? What about import taxes and paperwork?

Of course! We have customers on every continent except Antarctica—if you know some sailors there, please send them our way. International shipping typically takes ~5 days to most locations. The price of the Atlas 2 includes all applicable import taxes and fees. Our shipping carrier will pay them and handle any necessary paperwork when the product arrives in your country. No hassle, no extra cost!

What do the LEDs show?

The short answer? Whatever you'd like! They are super-bright and are RGB, meaning we can make them show pretty much any color. Think quick visual indicators like heel angle or boat-lengths to the line, and you’ve got the idea. And of course for RaceSense; read more about that here.

Does the battery really last 100 hours?

It really does. We've put a lot of work into optimizing the design, hardware, and software in the Atlas 2 to make it both powerful and efficient. When you finally do need to recharge, a full charge takes about 4 hours on any wireless Qi charging pad. So go ahead--sail a week long regatta or multi-day passage without even needing to think about charging your Atlas 2.

How tough is the Atlas 2? Will it handle an epic wipeout?

Absolutely. The Atlas 2 is 100% waterpoof and designed to handle waves, capsizes, and of course, sailors.

Does the Atlas 2 have a backlight?

The Atlas 2 is equipped with a red backlight for sailing at night. This can be configured to turn on automatically when the ambient light drops below a user-customizable level.

Are software updates included?

Yes! The Atlas 2 is designed to get better over time, with new features, support for additional wireless sensors, and more. Software updates are always free and take just a minute to complete using the Vakaros Connect companion app.

How does the Atlas 2 compare with the competition?

We're a little biased, but we think the Atlas 2 is the best sailing instrument available! We designed it with advanced sensors, powerful, yet easy to use software, and regular updates to ensure it continues to outperform the competition. From Olympic teams to weekend warriors, the Atlas 2 is quickly becoming the go-to instrument in classes of all sizes.