The Atlas Edge Smokes the Competition!

Sailors demand a simple instrument with new technology. In the development of higher tech GPS instruments, simpler sailors and boats have been left behind. We're bringing top-rate tech to an instrument for more restrictive classes. The Atlas Edge is just that.

The Tacktick uses a fluxgate compass, technology which was groundbreaking before World War II, but is now obsolete. The root of racing is an exceptional compass, and the Atlas Edge offers best-in-class .1° heading repeatability.What does this mean on the water? Better data to make better decisions.

The Atlas Edge brings together a wide range of capabilities to support sailors with a cost-effective, advanced unit fit for simplicity and performance.

And, when you want to check back into data after sailing, the Atlas Edge is the only device on the market combining a dual-band L1+L5 GNSS receiver with a magnetic compass. This, plus an internal IMU, puts the Atlas Edge in a league of its own.

Don't believe us? Check out the capabilities and learn all the Edge can do for you:

Vakaros Atlas Edge v Competitors

Our two products: the flagship Atlas 2 and the new, more affordable Atlas Edge

A2 v Atlas Edge


  • What are the main functional differences between the Atlas 2 and Atlas Edge? The Atlas Edge lacks the ability to display line information (DTL, TTL, etc) as well as connect to external sensors. Otherwise, the Atlas Edge is based on the same powerful hardware as the Atlas 2
  • What about in classes like the Lightning or Dragon where functionality while racing is reduced? The Atlas Edge supports Class Compliant modes, which restrict the functionality of the Atlas, and allows competitors and RC to audit what features were available at a given time. Learn more in this blog post: Atlas on Any Boat
  • How can I get an Atlas Edge? Our preorder pricing is available until October 15: purchase now at this link: Atlas Edge