New technology solving old problems.


Let the Atlas 2's dual-band GPS call the start, and stop waiting for slow hails, inaccurate OCS calls, and countless general recalls. Competitors are notified milliseconds after the start if they're over or not, so it's easier than ever to restart and get racing.


Live broadcast pings are ending the parade. Each Atlas 2 receives the position of each end of the line, live. So, when anchored marks swing or the RC anchor line stretches, your DTL value will update automatically.


The vast majority of error in start line judgement comes from timing errors: by using synchronized GPS time, every Atlas 2, as well as the time at which OCS determination is made, are synchronized to the millisecond.

What the sailors have to say

This is the best thing to happen to one design sailing, ever.

Chris Alexander
VX One North American Champion

We're heading in this direction to get better quality racing. This is the future of sailing.

Mattias Dahlstrom
M32 Class PRO

It's just really nice to be able to relax and also know that your pings are accurate

Victor Diaz de Leon
Etchells, J/70, Melges 24 World Champion

RaceSense is a huge step forward for all of sailing, for all classes

Taylor Canfield
Match Race, M32 World Champion

Control via tablet

The Race Control app is your hub for all things race management, from OCS reporting, timing, tracking, and more.

See competitor status

OCS boats populate a list immediately after the start: no more waiting to hear from the pin boat or check the list of OCS participants.


RaceSense is encrypted to keep unwanted interference out of your racing.


Take motorboats off the water and run a lean race committee: the planet will reap the benefits.


RaceSense for Finishing automatically scores finishes as teams cross the line, leading to reduced mistakes and scoring inquiries.


RaceSense is capable of making OCS calls accurate to 50 cm, with development underway to improve this further.

An Atlas 2

Yes! Select RaceSense events will have rental units available. That said, we think the Atlas 2 is the best sailing instrument on the water. Whether you’re sailing a traditional regatta, a RaceSense event, or just out for fun, nothing else comes close!

The Atlas 2 has state-of-the-art L1+L5 25 Hz GNSS. Working in combination with other sensors in the Atlas, the dual-band GNSS provides unmatched accuracy on the water.

We designed RaceSense to be easy to use, for both sailors and organizers. Race committee will install an Atlas 2 on each end of the starting line, to measure and broadcast the live position of the line to the fleet. A tablet running the Vakaros Race Control app onboard race committee allows the PRO to run starts, view OCS boats, start race timers, and more.

RaceSense is designed for fleets of over 100 boats. If you’re running a large event, please get in touch to discuss how we can best support you.

When you arrive at a RaceSense event, you’ll bring your Atlas 2 to check-in or measurement on the first day. An event volunteer will scan your device, make sure the software is up-to-date, and link it with your registration. From there, all you have to do is remember to turn the instrument on, and RaceSense will do the rest!

RaceSense only works with the Atlas 2. In fact, the Atlas 2 was designed from the ground up for RaceSense and caries special hardware just to support it. RaceSense requires accuracy beyond what other instruments are capable of.

RaceSense uses the shape of the boat to make OCS calls, and will call any part of the hull over the line no matter which direction you're sailing. This is made possible by the combination of the highly accurate magnetic compass and L1+L5 GNSS inside the Atlas 2--the system knows where the boat is and how it's oriented to the line.

We recommend being #AtlasEquipped everywhere you go. Additionally, at most RaceSense events, race committee will have a few spare units available should you misplace yours.